Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors - September 20, 2022

Open Agenda

Public Comment 00:03:41

Consent Calendar 00:33:03

Item #12: Historic Courthouse Elevator 00:44:07

Approval of a Professional Services Agreement in an amount not to exceed $198,184 with Lionakis to provide construction documents, bidding assistance, and construction administration for the installation of an elevator at the Historic Yaney Street Courthouse.

Item #16: Constitution Day 01:07:25

Consideration of adopting Resolution 92-22 recognizing September 17, 2022, as Constitution Day in Tuolumne County.

9:30am Public Hearing: Approval of 22/23 Budget 01:23:59

Public Hearing: Consideration of Approving the Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Budget with Personnel Recommendations as outlined in the budget document; Classification Listing; Capital Project Lists; Appropriation Limit Computation Method and Resulting Limit as recommended by the County Auditor/Controller and Adopt Resolution 97-22.

Item #15: California Native American Day 02:54:41

Consideration of adopting Resolution 94-22 acknowledging the history of and current role the Native American Tribes play in Tuolumne County by Proclaiming the 4th Friday of September as California Native American Day in Tuolumne County.

1:30pm Public Hearing: Climate Action Plan 03:13:04

Consideration of approving Resolution 98-22 to adopt the Tuolumne County Climate Action Plan, including the action items in the Prioritization Matrix Workplan.

4:30 Special Meeting: Annie Oakley Academy Fundraiser 06:07:57

Consideration of approving an agreement with the Annie Oakley Academy to provide insurance for its "Annie Oakley Academy fundraiser" event at the Motherlode Fairgrounds on September 24, 2022, and associated form wavier of liability.

Item #17: Mental Health Diversion Program 06:10:47

Consideration of approving a contract between Tuolumne County Behavioral Health and Department of State Hospitals to administer a pre-trial jail felony mental health diversion program, with Behavioral Health receiving an amount that shall not exceed $2,130,000 over two years and authorizing the County Administrator to sign all related documents.

Item #18: Youth and Family Wellness Innovations Plan 06:15:55

Consideration of approving the Tuolumne County Behavioral Health Mental Health Services Act, Family Ties: Youth and Family Wellness Innovations Plan for FY 2022-2027 for the total amount of $925,892.

Climate Action Plan (continued) 06:53:05

Item #19: Attorney's Association MOU 07:11:50

Consideration of adopting Resolution 95-22 approving Amendment #9 to the 2017-2021 Tuolumne County Attorney’s Association Memorandum of Understanding.

2pm Public Hearing: Waste Management 07:15:55

2:00 p.m. 2) Public Hearing: Consideration of approving Resolution 100-22 for the amendment and extension to the Cal Sierra/Waste Management Inc. Waste Transfer Station Franchise Agreement.