Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors - February 21, 2023

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2/21/2023 7:26:44 PM


Public Comment 00:03:04

Time for the public to comment on anything not on the agenda

Staff Reports 00:31:21

Consent Calendar 00:35:00

Item #13: Civil Grand Jury Awareness month 00:43:39

Consideration of adopting Resolution 13-23 proclaiming February 2023 as Civil Grand Jury Awareness month in Tuolumne County

Item #14: Emergency Road Repairs 00:52:10

Consideration of reviewing emergency actions ordered by the County Administrator's actions resulting from a series of storms from December 27, 2022, through January 31, 2023, for road repairs and damages, and determining there is a need to continue ongoing emergency actions under the authority of 22050 and TCOC 3.22.060.

10am Appointment: Visit Tuolumne County 00:55:22

Presentation from Visit Tuolumne County including their marketing, business and financial plans.

11am: Public Presentation Re: National Opioid Litigation Settlement 02:31:28

Item #15: Pine Mountain Lake Airport Viability Study 03:18:10

Consideration of reducing General Fund contingencies by $103,200, increasing appropriations in the Pine Mountain Lake Airport cost center by $103,200 and recognizing unanticipated revenue in the Pine Mountain Lake cost center by the same amount, for Coffman Associates to complete the Airport Feasibility and Viability Study for a total amount of $203,200 and authorizing the County Administrator to sign the contract.

1:30 p.m. 1) Luccketta 03:36:49

Consideration of an appeal of the Notice and Order that was issued on September 10, 2022, on Assessor's Parcel Number 022-370-015-000, 27790 Italian Bar Rd, Twain Harte. Regarding illegal cultivation of cannabis and other code violations.

1:30 p.m. 2) Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority 03:52:27

Presentation & discussion with Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority on their purpose, responsibilities and scope of work in Tuolumne County.

Item #16: Columbia CRC Grant Application 04:37:01

Consideration of approving the submission of the California Department of Food and Agricultural CRC Program Grant and approving a Letter of Support for the Grant Application.

3:00 p.m. Appt: Columbia Inn Motel purchase 05:08:58

Consideration of Authorizing Staff to Post a Notice of Intent to purchase property located at 22646 Parrots Ferry Road, Columbia, pursuant to Government Code §25350 and adopt the associated Resolution 15-23.

3pm Appt: Public Comment 05:42:22

3pm Appt: Board Deliberation and Vote 07:21:06

Item #17: Non-Board Elected Official Raises 08:10:35

Consideration of rescinding Resolution 112-21 and adopting Resolution 14-23 approving an increase to the non-board member elected official’s salaries pursuant to section 2.52.020 of the Tuolumne County Ordinance Code.

Items #18-19: Closed Session Announcement and Item #18 Report Out 08:14:17

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